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There are some questions that Google can't answer. But more importantly - there are some things that Google can't ask you! With the increasing automation around us, we need to choose to have people in our lives who build relationships of trust and can help us ask the right questions about our futures.

As your financial advisor - this is what I'm good at. It's not about what financial products you choose, or what investment vehicles you select; it's about why you make those choices, and knowing exactly what choices may serve you and your family best.

If you're feeling brave, let's ask life's questions together.

Craig Yeats

Certified Financial Planner ®
BCom | PGDM | HDipTax | CFP®


explore | create | choose


Most financial plans begin and end with the products. Your plan needs to begin and end... with you.


Having asked the right questions about your life, we will research and create the financial choices that you can choose to best suit you.


With a clear understanding of who you are, and what you want, you can make powerful and informed choices.


Your life will keep changing, and you should be able to change your choices too. We can review your plan and enhance it when needed by exploring, creating and choosing.


Empowering you to create
the choices you need to make.

You can rest assured knowing that ethics and integrity is
my priority – even when no one is watching.

I invest time and energy into building lifelong relationships,
because I am here to stay! You can be confident that you
will not feel undervalued or unappreciated.

From the speed in which we respond to your changing needs, to the quality of
work and the competitive rates of our service, compromise is never an option.


hear it from our clients

Craig is honest, well educated, astute and takes pride in his work. Any person will be lucky to have him as their financial advisor.

Richard Fincham

Aliwal Road Investment Consultants

There are many financial advisors out there. But who can you trust? Craig is part of Enrichinig Life Financial Services... a Liberty Life franchise.. it's owned by his family and he's a director. He's not going anywhere and that for me was the most important! I can trust him with everything from investments to my retirement funding! PHEW what a relief to have that sorted!

Jack Thonissen


He has 2 business cards - 1 for his name and the other for all his qualifications in the industry. Craig knows this industry inside & out and has built up influential contacts within the industry too.

Scott Fraser

Professional Networker, Financial Advisor


My partnership with Craig has been instrumental in developing a sustainable approach to my financial stability – and reflecting on my ten-year business relationship with Craig it’s clear that it provides me with a much-value peace of mind. My experience of Craig is that he places a significant amount of emphasis on being ethical and acting with integrity – which is carried throughout his business operations and the culture of his team... 

Nicholas Poole

Actuarial Consultant


...I have always been made to feel like I am his only client (which is clearly not the case), and tells me that he understands the importance of relationships, by building on each interaction, leaving me with a sense that my money is being looked after with care. His character has a rare blend of modesty and humility, and I am constantly amazed at his relentless commitment to personal development – whether it is increasing his understanding of how to get the best out of himself and others, or, his drive for improvement as a provincial hockey player, a golfer, or a triathlete.

Nicholas Poole

Actuarial Consultant

Financial Advice that is tailored
to you and your choices.


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